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"It is the mission of The Fearless Female to act as a conduit to build confidence, courage, and capital in women."

our mission
NaKeitha Ross



NaKeitha Ross is a lover of life and everything that is beautiful. She is the curator of and mastermind behind The Fearless Female Forum! With a marketing degree from the University of Houston, she opened 360 Degrees Hair Studio in February 2003 in Houston, Texas with her mother, Lisa Moore. With nearly 20 years of business experience and client connections, she is applying the attributes and principles learned to provide females from varying industries and experiences with the instruments necessary to expand and accelerate their confidence, courage, and capital. 


NaKeitha is a mind-shifter, disruptor, and game changer. Her mission is to transform women from the inside out and assist them in building the courage to live their lives to the fullest. She is also the co-founder of I.C.O.N. Women’s Organization (Houston,TX). Her most rewarding job is being a mother to Jada and Jeremy, as well as the wife to her high school sweetheart, Jeremy, for 25 years and counting. She and her family reside in Pearland, TX. 

Jermeka Pierott


A native Houstonian lover of history, systems, and service, Jermeka utilizes her background in education and innate skills to attribute to her ability to accomplish tasks and deliver excellence. As director of operations, she works alongside NaKeitha ensuring the nuts, bolts, and wheels of The Fearless Female all turn successfully and progressively.


Mentoring youth has been an ongoing passion along with community service. Since 2012, she has served with I.C.O.N. Women’s Organization and I.C.O.N. P.E.A.R.L.S. and other girls empowerment groups prior. Additionally, she is a board member of two organizations. Her personal philosophy is “Excellence is the standard, not the goal.”

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Christy Staples



A brilliant mind trained to put things together, Christy is an accountant by trade who began her career as an intern in the U.S. Department of Treasury. With three unique ideas and an indomitable spirit, Christy's entrepreneurial spirit birthed a series of business ventures: GetLaunched!, MillionHeirs in the Making, and CLS. GetLaunched! is a boutique business development firm that effectively equips entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and resources required to launch, grow, or expand business ventures. 

Keisha Ervin


Keisha Ervin is the proud owner of Keisha’s Kreations, a full-service design and event production company specializing in weddings and corporate events. With over a decade’s worth of industry experience, Keisha has been able to provide her beautiful clients with awe-inspiring décor and design time and time again stunning audiences in the Greater Houston Area and abroad. Her technical design skills stemming from her engineering background paired with her immense passion for event décor definitely makes for an unconventional yet successful combination that her clients cannot deny. 


Keisha currently resides in Sugarland, TX with the love of her life and their two brilliantly gifted young daughters. Whenever she is not transforming events, she is transforming her community by working with today’s youth through tutoring, teaching prep classes for SAT and ACT workshops, and participating in local high school programs geared towards shaping tomorrow’s future engineers such as the Engineering Professions Mentorship Group.

Anshawna General



Anshawna General Charles is a self-taught photographer from Houston, TX.  She originally entered into photography because of her love to simply take pictures.  She is also a full-time teacher, mentor, and mother. Her photography career began in 2010 and is growing exponentially as she is an advocate for continual education. Charles and Charles Photography also believes that to capture the best photos clients need to be comfortable and enjoy the moments during their sessions.

Deshawn Colbert



Deshawn Colbert stands out as a dynamic professional with a vast 15-year background in marketing, sales, and event management, significantly influencing various sectors like arts, sports, fashion, and entertainment. Heading Deshawn Management, she showcases her prowess in creating bespoke event experiences and managing sponsorships, focusing on the unique needs of a diverse client base that includes both emerging startups and esteemed Fortune 500 companies. Under her adept leadership, the firm has seen remarkable growth, achieving an impressive $1.5 million in yearly revenue.

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